Frequently Asked Questions

At Premier Equipment Rentals we strive to provide a great rental experience – by providing quality rental equipment backed by a network of support. The basics of renting equipment really aren’t that different than renting a vehicle – or borrowing the car from your dad. There are standard rental times, insurance needed and we’d ask that you bring it back with the same amount of fuel that it left with.


What is a daily, weekly or monthly rental?

Extra hours will be billed upon return.


What about insurance?

Much like renting a car, you are responsible. The customer is responsible for insuring the rental equipment after it leaves our yard. We do not provide insurance coverage. 


What about fuel?

Units always leave the yard full of fuel and in good working condition. Fuel is billed at $1.75 per litre if it is not returned full.



How is cleaning or damage handled?

Cleaning is charged at $50.00 per hour minimum if it is returned dirty.

The customer is responsible for any damages that occur.

Tire damage is billed to the customer.

Damage charges shall be in Premier Equipment Rental’s discretion.



What legal/payment stuff do I need to know?



A secure deposit is required prior on pick-up or delivery of rental equipment, which is equal to the requested rental term rate, minus any additional charges (fuel, damages, etc) which will be assessed and due upon return of equipment.


Legal Stuff

By signing a rental contract, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions included in the contract.

Click here to view our complete list of terms and conditions.

Long term rentals will be charged monthly at the beginning of each month. If default payment occurs after 30 days of receiving an invoice, Premier Equipment Rentals reserves the right to attend and collect all equipment from the customer’s property before the end of the contract or lease agreement at which point all charges for the entire term of the contract shall become due and payable.